Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Family Rules!!

Making "rules" fun may seem like an oxymoron, but this project has given our Family Rules a positive spin. Every rule created is in a positive form, which I feel helps raise positive kids and having them displayed in such a beautiful way is not only a great accessory to the decor but also an amazing reminder of how we should act on a daily basis....not just for the kids but for mom and dad too!! 
Our Family Rules!

For quite awhile I have been itching to create this project. I first spotted it over at Pleated Poppy where I believe the original project began. There are a ton of versions out there and if you really like this project and would like to give it a try, I encourage you to check out the links that can be found at Pebbles & Poppys as well for inspiration. I will give an overview of the project but for more detailed instructions go here.

The supplies needed are:
  1. Canvas-mine was 24x36
  2. Craft Paint(to paint the edges of the canvas)-I mixed brown and black to make the perfect chocolate brown
  3. Mod Podge
  4. Sponge Brushes(to apply paint and mod podge)-I used about 5-6 brushes for the whole project
  5. Scrapbook Paper in various colours and patterns(you will need to pieces for each row)-I found the lighter the colours and smaller the patterns the easier it was to read
  6. Marker(for writing the rules)-mine was a dual end so I had a fine tip as well as a larger tip
  7. Scalloped Scissors or tearing ruler
  8. Standard Ruler(or you can eye ball it)

Here is a quick overview of the instructions:
Paint the canvas edges
Write your "Rules" and cut your paper into strips
begin lining up your papers and title
podge the canvas and then add paper adding a coat of podge on top of each strip of paper
let dry completely and then add 2-3 more coats of podge, drying about 1/2 hour between each coat
Hang completed project on the wall
Interestingly enough, after we hung the "Family Rules" on the wall, my husband had this brilliant idea to paint the wall.  It needed to be painted anyway, as there were holes from a baby gate that had hung there at the top of the stairs, however we had none of the original wall colour left, so my husband came up with the idea to paint the wall the same colour as our bathroom, so it would now be a feature wall.  I have to say, the choice was fabulous and the canvas looks so much better on the bluey coloured wall.

What do you think

These are the Family Rules we chose for our wall:

Thank God for This Day, This Family, This Home
Say I love you & give lots of hugs
Use Kind Words~Keep Your Promises~Always Tell The Truth
indoor Voices....listening ears
Husband, Love your Wife & Wife, Always Be on His Side
Say What Your Sorry For....Always Forgive
Be Your Siblings Best Friend & Biggest Fan!
Remember your Manners: Yes Please, No Thank-You!
There is no "mine" in this house....it all belongs to God
hands are for hugging...not hitting
Meal Time is Family Time~Bless Your Food~Be Grateful
Too much TV is bad....Too much reading is good
Act Responsibly~Be Respectful~Choose Wisely
Pray Often~Trust God

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